What distinguishes us is operational experience, reliability and comprehensive service. Our greatest goal is customer satisfaction and achievement of measurable results that translate into mutual success.

Honestly and transparently

  • Regardless of the type and scale of the problem this values are the key.
  • This is the only solid foundation of your success.
  • If you can trust yourself you will be trusted by others.
  • Professionally and efficiently.

Time is priceless? We disagree!

  • A proper solution helps to reduce ineffectiveness, time and resources.
  • We always look forward to finding the most efficient and optimised ways.
  • We base our work on common trust and understanding.
  • We never find problems – we call them challenges.
  • We are a team which grown into one of mid-size Tier 1 automotive suppliers with a unique history.
  • We would like to share our experience gained during years of providing professional services.
  • We are a team which has completed a full restructuring the Group on three continents, doubling turnover and number of customers. The Group became modern and profitable.
  • We are a team which completed takeover of a global Tier-1 insolvent manufacturer in four countries on three continents at the same time.
  • We are a team capable of solving problems rapidly and effectively.
  • The Team whose main values are transparency and willingness to learn.

The core of the team have extensive experience in the automotive supply chain throughout the world.

We do this because:

  • We have a wealth of skills and contacts.
  • We are a highly motivated team.
  • Despite of experience we would like to continue to learn.
  • There is a lack of professional services of this kind.
  • We know we can do it… and we do.

“It is the people who determine the success.”




  • The development of suppliers and their transformation in different stages of development (management of growth and globalisation.
  • Leading mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, takeover process and post-merger integration activities to achieve the expected synergy.
  • A comprehensive and strategic reorganisation of customer relations – contracts renegotiation.
  • The development of human resources and talent management.
  • Change management in organisations.
  • Financial management.

Operation performance

  • Manufacturing Optimisation Programs.
  • Purchasing and supply chain management (simplification, cost reduction, optimisation of location).
  • A comprehensive and strategic reorganisation of customer relations – contracts renegotiation.
  • Organisational design and operational model.
  • Overhead cost reduction; benchmarking and performance metrics, organizational effectiveness improvement.
  • Adapting to despoke training programs. Full services from initial concept to the solution delivery.
  • Adapted to the needs training programs – full services from initial concept to solution delivery.

Crisis management

  • Organisation of crisis communication throughout the supply chain.
  • Definition of risk maps and preparation of plans for solution of crisis situations.
  • Supervision of the execution of action plans, progress and risk reporting in accordance with predetermined solutions.
  • Organisation of special transport to ensure security of supply chain.
  • Residents at suppliers as well at the customers’ plant.
  • Interim management.

Audit and market research

  • Support with preparation for audits: ISO/TS 16949 and VDA 6.3.
    Comprehensive audits to check compliance according to the formula ISO / TS 16949 and VDA and post-audit recommendations report.
  • Preparation and implementation of procedures in line with CSR.
  • Systematic supervision of the development of Tier-1 and Tier-2 providers.
  • Market research in the field of technical and economic aspects.

“We know what we are able to do.”


  • High engagement at every stage of the project.
  • Employee involvement is the key to success and our competitive advantage.
  • Constant motivation is the way to maintain efficiency.
  • Full commitment – you may be sure about it.
  • Customers’ problems are our problems too.

Lean organisation

  • A dedicated team, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Professional consultants leaded by DB77 Executive Partner.
  • We Plan, we Do, we Check, we react.

The methodology built on ISO TS

  • Methodology of work based on automotive standards. The way we work is built on the best practices and experience gained in the automotive world.

Training based on the Total Coaching model

  • We have created our own coaching model – Total Coaching – providing a wide range of systematised, specialised knowledge to develop our team for our customers.

Communication and reporting based on the AQ report platform

  • We have created our own communication and reporting model because we know the real value and advantage of proper communication: AQ Reporting ® platform built to provide immediate access to information.

Critical shipment support – eGPS Logistic Platform®

  • Critical shipment requires special care. On the basis of eGPS Logistic Platform® we ensure your goods will arrive on time to the destination with the outmost care.

Compliance with ISO 27001 information security standards

  • Know how and knowledge are real asset of the company so it has to be protected properly. Our work is carried out in accordance with the best standards under the supervision of certified auditors.

Adopted work methodology ensures global operability

  • We act globally – just like our customers.

Network of associates and contacts across four continents

  • Which was built over many years of work in the global field.

High mobility of task teams

  • We ensure highly motivated flexible teams ready for action in any place.

“Confidence + Competence = Effectiveness”


Piotr Wisniewski managing director

Dr. Piotr Wiśniewski has over 10 years of experience in the field of company management including big manufacturing entities and more than 6 years of experience in international automotive companies with a global footprint (Europe, China, India, Brazil, NAFTA). Prior to that Dr. Piotr Wiśniewski had been working as an external consultant and tax advisor for 5 years.

Main competence

Main competences of Piotr include finance management and taxes optimization. He is experienced in M&A processes as well as IPO. During the last couple of years, he conducted the activities aiming to develop the global companies operating on the automotive market. Piotr is occupied with companies’ development and team management.


Piotr is a live alumni of Harvard Business School (General Management Program 20).

He was granted a title of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) of Economic Sciences at Poznan University of Economics, faculty: Management Sciences.

Piotr graduated from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń with a Master’s degree in Finance Management (faculty: Economics and Management Sciences, specialization: Finance Management).


Piotr managed a number of projects of acquisitions and reorganizations in many companies on a different level of development. The most important of realized projects, while holding the position of CEO, was tier-1 supplier takeover from the four independent insolvencies and companies reorganization to the level of global supplier, which within the next few years managed to win a number of awards from global OEMs.


The core team of DB77 consists of former managers working for suppliers of the automotive components and food products. Supportive team is based on a number of consultants dedicated to particular tasks. Depends on the needs it is additionally strengthened by complementary teams. DB77 principle is that all our employees before starting work as a consultant had several years of experience as a manager in a medium or large production unit.

Implementation of each task begins with the presentation of all team members and their previous achievements.


Depends on the needs of the team DB77 is supplemented by consultants who today are not permanent employees of DB77. Each of temporary consultants has been trained by DB77 both in terms of working methods and ethical principles.

The use of external consultants can maintain an appropriate balance between the highest quality of services provided and their cost.



Have you just graduated from technical or economic studies or have a limited job experience?

Would you like to learn and grow?

Do you want to use your skill, creativity and open mind?

Do you speak English/German/French…or other languages?

Join us as junior consultants for the automotive business area.

Join us as junior consultants for automotive business area.


Are you an expert in the automotive sector in the area of logistics, operations, production management, quality, auditing?

Do you have high personal standards?

Are you honest and transparent?

Are professionalism, high efficiency and engagement your strengths?

… it seems that you may be the perfect candidate to join DB77 as a Senior Consultant or Project Manager.

Please send your complete application (cover letter, CV, certificates/references) in English

„We trust in learning by doing.”


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